Meet Carlos Whittaker. He’s an author, speaker, moment making extraordinaire. You can learn more about him and his story at He’s been hustling for years and he’s here today to share his story.

When Carlos first started out he was a signed musician but felt the need to transition from his full-time music gig to the speaking and writing market. So stepping out in faith and purely a side project, which he documented on his blog.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Carlos continues to give his audience fresh, valuable content and resources year after year. You’ll hear his honest account of the transition from one job to another, his newest book Kill the Spider, and why balancing your hustle and spiritual life is so vital to your life.

I’m such a fan of Carlos’ story—how he saw an opportunity to start an online business, seized it, and turned it into a thriving source of income. No matter your passion, it’s an inspiring example for anyone curious about doing business.

Listen and enjoy!

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Special thanks to Carlos Whittaker for joining me this week. Until next time!

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Carlos Whittaker


How Carlos transitioned from a full-time musician to an author and speaker.

Advice for being intentional in creating amazing moments in your life.

How to create enough margin in your life to hear from God through your hustle.

Why you need to have a balance between your hustle and spiritual life.

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